Today’s world, to make your business grow, calls for a strong presence on the Internet. This is achieved by being present on the web through a dynamic website highlighting the various aspects of the business and linking the website to various social media sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ etc. etc. The extent of the reach and visibility of the social media pages of the business is highly dependent on the content, presentation and the business page management.

Business page management is very important to keep the pages of the business on social media relevant and current. It is through the right practices that the pages on various media can be kept in sync even if the updating of the data is done by more than one person.

It is very important that when the pages are being designed for the putting up on the website or on various social media platforms, the architecture of the business page management is kept in mind. The distinct role of administrator, content writer and managers need to be defined clearly to all. It helps to have a training session held at regular intervals for all involved in the entire gambit of business page management including admin, content and management. The focus needs to be on the roles, expectations and the etiquettes for the employees who shall manage the page.

The second most important aspect of the business page management is to ensure that the voice of the pages on all social media remains uniform. Each individual has his/her own style of portraying the content intended to be on the pages, but it is the duty of the admin to ensure that they work together to form a consistent voice. It is absolutely necessary for all involved to understand that consistent voice and communicate in that established voice to the users and fans online.

The next is to create a shareable document that outlines the company’s social media policies. Each member of the team should refer to the document at any time they need to know what to post and what not to post. The document ideally should also contain the recommendations about how to interact with the company’s fan base.

It is advisable to keep the administrators to a minimum. The rule of thumb is that lesser the number of administrators managing the page, the better. Two or three admins actively updating or responding to the inquiries or managing the page are plenty. Giving right to admin the pages to just anyone is a bad practice and needs to be avoided.

Business Page On Linkadin

Business Page On Linkadin

If more than one person is managing the page, it is absolutely important to keep the communication open between them at all times. “Ask, if you are not sure” should be the dictate. It should be pertinent for all to ask the other manager for his/her opinion about what is being posted appropriateness of what is being posted. Whether it is a response to a tough user comment or it is about sharing an article on the time line of the company’s facebook page, having open communication between the managers would help reduce the mistakes.

Last but not the least, for an effective business page management, it is very important to analyze from time to time what is working and what is not working for the business. The features such as “likes” on facebook can give great insight about this factor. Based on the analysis, the various factors responsible for positive and negative impact can be modulated, tweaked and replaced as required.
To sum up, giving the pages a uniform, interesting, engaging, dynamic and attractive content and voice are key to the effective business page management.