Our Crazy Skills

Web Design & Development 95
Software Development 85
Graphic Design 90
Promotion & SEO 95

Welcome To Unique IT World

We started the journey from 2008. It was a goal of some young students to establish a successful organization. Firstly We started only outsourcing jobs from international market. The categories of our Services was data entry, email marketing , web development and online base project, also freelancer.com helps us to find new kinds of job and hire for test work,then finally project based work done by us. But there is also we face some difficulties in our ongoing project.

Actually first one year we have learn about the business  & we make us prepared. After gather some experience from previous year we  apply this  our business and completed  one more years. we prepared us about that business and collected good reviews from freelancer.com, this inspiration grow up our mentality strong for the next beginning.

In 2010 the company started a new Mission ,Vision and open a new office with a big investment.also new categories of Services this are

  • Web Design & Development
  • Software Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Promotion & SEO
  • Social media marketing

First 6 months we only collect our domestic clients on web development & software development. On that time  we also worked on SEO & Promotion related project globally. Freelancer.com help us with there 61 work reviews which we have done in previous years (2008-2010). It was slow beginning last 2 years,but from 2010 we got huge number of new clients and good feedback from freelancer.. We achieve trust from the market. That was a new starting, and reach a ultimate goal.

Last 7 year we have given service  globally and locally more then 1000 client. It was the beginning of our goodwill. At present time Unique It World is a well reputed company in the It market. Now we can provide best Service & Support as per any kind of requirement.

This is short history about us. Now at present we are the most popular web Based IT company in Bangladesh. We have large and experience team who can make any kind of website for you as per your requirement.